The global media landscape is rapidly changing – as a company we wish to be at the forefront of this transformation process.

Our main focus today is on digital media and online content. We are inspired by the possibilities of a truly global and mobile world – accessible to all.

As a company we offer fast, smart and accurate content production services.

About us

Haldin Communication was founded in January 2010 by producer/director Joakim Haldin. We´re a Nordic company with a global focus.

After years of producing traditional TV for national broadcasters, our main focus today is on online content for big and small customers alike.

We approach all projects with the same degree of passion and dedication. News, factual, entertainment, translations, copy, tutorials and teaching are areas of intense interest to us.

Our team has filmed in almost 60 countries and is equipped with skills derived from years of International work.


Fake news is a trendy word but we much rather focus on the distinction between the positive and the negative – hope and despair. We strongly believe in the concept of positive content.

We are not into chocking, scaring, blaming and overly simplifying. Positive content is the output of highly skilled producers, aiming at leaving the media consumer feeling hopeful for the future.

As a content production house we have a responsibility not to spread fear and distrust. The quality of our work is measured by our ability to leave the media consumer more educated but at the same time feeling hopeful.


We develop multimedia formats for our customers. Over the years we have produced several factual entertainment formats for the global market. We are also investing in print and film.

Our most recent multimedia format is Pathfinder. This production is a mix of factual entertainment and lifestyle and is our next big investment. We are happy to discuss it with you.

Pathfinder is a format for both online and TV.


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