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Bettina in Stockholm

Duration: 8 x 40 minutes

Presenter: Bettina Sågbom-Ek

Historian: Herman Lindqvist

Producer: Joakim Haldin

Produced for: YLE / 2010-2011

Broadcasted by: YLE/ FST5 och SVT

Bettins Sågbom-Ek is a charismatic TV-host from Finland. In 2011 she moved to Stockholm for a few months. Out of this, a new talk-show called Bettina in Stockholm was born. The serial will be broadcasted at SVT and YLE in the Autumn of 2011.

In this production we focus on Finnish people living in Sweden. There are approximately 100.000 Swedish speaking Finns living in Sweden and 300.000 Finnish speaking finns. If we add people born in Sweden by Finnish parents, we get a target group in Sweden of something between half to one million viewers.

Bettina in Stockholm will be filmed both in Stockholm, but also in different parts of the country. In this production the author, journalist and hisorian Herman Lindqvist will take part.