Shared History

Duration: 40 / 30 minutes

Producer: Joakim Haldin

Script: Anders Lennberg & Joakim Haldin

Production: Anders Lennberh & Joakim Haldin

Music: Leif Segerstam

Co-Producer: UR & YLE

Distribution: Alla skolor i Sverige och Finland

– In the Nordic region there are no borders.

Shared History is a film aimed at 14-18 year olds in the Nordic countries, especially teenagers in Sweden and Finland. The film is about the bilingual Finland, the common history that Finland and Sweden share and about Finland, the country that differs most from the other four in the Nordic family.

With this film we hope to inform the new generation Nordic citizens about Finland, the Finnish-Swedish minority in Finland and the common Nordic memories. We hope to make the viewers more interested in their Nordic neighbours and to strengthen the Nordic feel.

DVD:s of the film Shared History will be send to all schools in Sweden and Finland and the films will also be broacasted on Public Service channels in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The film is now in pre-production and financing stage and the production is estimated to start in August 2011. At the moment the manuscript is written and it will be ready in December 2010.

Shared History will be financed by various funds and foundations in the Nordic countries and in the EU.

The Public Service channels UR in Sweden and YLE in Finland are taking part in this production as co-producers.