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Vagabond’s Nordic

Duration: 8 x 25 minutes

Presenters: Joakim Haldin  & Mikaela Sonck

Producer: Joakim Haldin

Produced for: YLE / 2006

Broadcasted by: YLE / FST5, SVT,  NRK, DR, RUV

Vagabond´s X is our own TV-format and based on this format we have produced four tv-serials for Nordic Public Service channels. Vagabond´s Nordic is our third travel series. In july 2006 Joakim Haldin, Sonja Kailassaari and Marcel Pazman were travelling through Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

The aim with this TV-serial was to make people more interested in our Nordic neighbours. Even a tour in The Nordics can become an exciting and adventorous tour.

The TV-serial has been broadcasted at YLE, SVT, DR and RUV. The latest re-run was in Finland during the summer of 2010.