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Innovation Kaj

Duration: 30 minutes

Script and director: Joakim Haldin

Photo and edit: Joakim Haldin

Sound: Munawer Ali

Produced for: YLE 2011

Broadcast: YLE 14.04.2011, 21:30

Humans today have great many challanges and problems needing solutions. Some of the biggest of these are connected to our environment and the concept of sustainability.

In this documentary film we follow Kaj Mickos, professor in innovation technique in Stockholm. Kaj is a true optimist and he calles himself a collector of problems. Each problem has a solution, says Kaj. During six months we follow Kaj Mickos, documenting his work for a better world.

Kaj Mickos also arranges so called 72 hour race to innovation. The aim of these races is to move from idea to ready product or solution during only 72  hours. These races to innovation has gained a lot of attention world wide.

In the film we also follow Kaj Mickos personal innovation process. Kaj has for some time had an idea on how to solve some of the challanges connected to clean water. His innovation is simple and cheap and has the potential to make a huge difference.