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Norrbackagatan 60

Längth: 30 minuter

Main character: Camilla Norrback

Script/ director: Joakim Haldin

Produced for: YLE Fem 2012

Broadcast:  7.6.2012 at 21.00

In this documentary film we follow the designer Camilla Norrback in Stockholm for six months. During this period the Autumn-Winter Collection of 2012 is born.

The movie takes us into the fascinating world of colors and fashion. We get a glimpse of the glamour in the business through red carpet events, but we also understand that behind every success there is a tremendous amount of hard work.

Camilla Norrback is opening her heart to the viewers explaining about the contradictions that she feels about the fashion world. On one hand she loves the design process, but another part of her is asking whether the world need more clothing, too much is already being produced.

This led to Camilla, already ten years back, focused on eco-friendly fashion production. This has become her way of contributing in a sustainable way to the fashion business of today.