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My New Country

Length: 30 minutes x 9 episodes

Starring: Young adults worldwide

Script/ directing: Joakim Haldin

Prod./ format: Joakim Haldin

Animations: Munawer Ali

Produced for: YLE Five 2013

Aired: Spring 2013/ Finland

My New Country is a TV-format developed and owned by Haldin Communication ltd. Our first production, based on this TV-format, was produced for the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation during 2012-2013. It consists of nine episodes of 30 minutes each.

My New Country is a new kind of feel good infotainment. Thousands of young adults, in every country of the world, move abroad every year. After only a few weeks in their new environment they get contacts, knowledge and insights – invaluable assets.

My New Country is a TV-format that takes the viewer around the world in 30 minutes, together with ordinary young adults. From a number of applicants, who all are planning to leave their home countries in order to work, study or live abroad, 8-10 participants are chosen through casting. They become the correspondents of this unique TV-serial.

Our correspondents look at the world in a totally different way than professional journalists do. This is what makes My New Country into such a different TV-experience.

If you are interested in our new TV-format, send us an e-mail: format@haldin.net