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My New Country 2

Length: 11 x 30 min.

Main character: 5 correspondents

Script/ dir: Joakim Haldin

Photo/ Edit: Joakim Haldin

Soundmix: Jonathan Wolst

Animations: Munawer Ali

Produced for: YLE

For the second season we elected five correspondents. They are Finnish people from different regions, of different ages and with different backgrounds. What unites them all is that they live their lives abroad.

More and more young people are leaving their home country to live their dream. These bold expats are full of potential. They are the correspondents of the show – our eyes and ears around the world.

In the second season of My New Country, we take you on a fascinating journey to Chile, Australia, Italy, England and Iceland. To guide us we rely on our five correspondents: Katarina Jansson, Ingrid Öhberg, Freja Lindeman, Kim Varstala and Christoffer Westerlund.