The inner journey

There are essentially two ways of approaching trends. You either start a trends or you follow it.  Then there are trends you don’t  like and trends that you are happy to strengthen. From our perspective, the most important thing is being true to our own world view. Anything else is ultimately doomed to fail.

Since 2004 we have worked on a variety of travel shows. It is because society has been and is in need of positive reference images as counterweight to those which dominate in media. When we produced our first travel shows twelve years ago, the aim was to get people interested in countries and cultures around us. The intention was to present the world with the help of  local people. We wanted to create something that is real and true and with a minimum level of ego.

After 2010, we started working on the format “My new country”,  which gives expats the opportunity of looking at their new countries in a way that earlier only journalists did. It is a trend and part of the zeitgeist. But it is also a democracy project. No one should any longer have monopoly on information and the flow of it. This is a trend we support wholeheartedly.

In our effort to analyze trends, while still being our own world view faightful, we have been working on new projects. We currently have three projects in the pipeline that we will present in more detail during the year. Let’s call the new trend ”the inner journey”.