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The inner journey

There are essentially two ways of approaching trends. You either start a trends or you follow it.  Then there are […]
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My New Country 2

In the second season of My New Country, we take you on a fascinating journey to Chile, Australia, Italy, England and Iceland. Our bold expats are full of potential. They are the correspondents of the show – our eyes and ears around the world.
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My New Country: Season 2

We believe that My New Country essentially reflects our times. More and more young people are leaving their home country […]
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(Svenska) Dags för Girlpower

(Svenska) Stora drömmar är bräckliga eftersom allt handlar om vad du i stunden känner. En känsla av otillräcklighet gör också drömmen mer avlägsen. Vickys dröm är att en dag stå på de stora scenerna inför tusentals människor, bakom sitt trumset och med ett stort V bakom sig. V som i Vicky. V som i @Vicky_FemaleDrummer.
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My New Country – Season 2

The last five months we have been working intensively on the second season of the TV series My New Country […]
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