The inner journey

There are essentially two ways of approaching trends. You either start a trends or you follow it.  Then there are trends you don’t  like and trends that you are happy to strengthen. From our perspective, the most important thing is being true to our own world view. Anything else is ultimately doomed to fail.

Since 2004 we have worked on a variety of travel shows. It is because society has been and is in need of positive reference images as counterweight to those which dominate in media. When we produced our first travel shows twelve years ago, the aim was to get people interested in countries and cultures around us. The intention was to present the world with the help of  local people. We wanted to create something that is real and true and with a minimum level of ego.

After 2010, we started working on the format “My new country”,  which gives expats the opportunity of looking at their new countries in a way that earlier only journalists did. It is a trend and part of the zeitgeist. But it is also a democracy project. No one should any longer have monopoly on information and the flow of it. This is a trend we support wholeheartedly.

In our effort to analyze trends, while still being our own world view faightful, we have been working on new projects. We currently have three projects in the pipeline that we will present in more detail during the year. Let’s call the new trend ”the inner journey”.

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My New Country: Season 2

We believe that My New Country essentially reflects our times.

More and more young people are leaving their home country to live their dream. These bold expats are full of potential. They are the correspondents of the show – our eyes and ears around the world.

In each episode we move from country to country.  We visit exciting places, meet local people and are enriched by their culture. Through social media and other PR channels, our correspondents keep a strong connection during the whole production process to the audience back home.

For the second season we elected five correspondents. They are Finnish people from different regions, of different ages and  backgrounds. What unites them all is that they live their lives abroad.

In the second season of My New Country, we take you on a fascinating journey to Chile, Australia, Italy, England and Iceland. We are guided by our five correspondents: Katarina Jansson, Ingrid Öhberg, Freja Lindeman, Kim Varstala and Christoffer Westerlund.

Follow and join us on our social forums online: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and Instagram. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more about the TV format My New Country.

Premiere on Saturday 25/04/2015 at 19:00 on Yle Five and online via Yle Areena worldwide.

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(Svenska) Dags för Girlpower

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My New Country – Season 2

The last five months we have been working intensively on the second season of the TV series My New Country – based on our own TV format. The production is made in Swedish for YLE and we are producing 11 episodes this year. The first episode, filmed in Finland, is already edited, but this week we start filming abroad.

During the next ten weeks we will be shooting all togehter 50 segments with more than 100 people involved, all around the world. My New Country is a very complex production, we´re doing our best maintaining an ultra sharp focus. We have been refining the format and our production team is now ready to go.

In My New Country expats living abroad become our correspondents or amateur journalist if you like. This is the core idea and vision of our company. We wish to be the melting pot of professional media workers and amateurs. We are convinced that this is the future. There are thousands of production houses focusing on celebrities. At Haldin Communication we are moved by the stories of the man on the street.

Together with five young adults we are creating a TV experience that will bring the viewers to Chile, Australia, Italy, Iceland and the UK. The TV series will be ready for delivery in February 2015 and aired shortly there after.

We invite you all to follow the production online! You will find daily updates on Twitter and Instagram (a new channel for us this year). Later this year we start our activities on Youtube and Facebook. If you wish to follow the production process and the shootings abroad, pick any of the links below:

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International Summer and Autumn

Spring 2014 has been intense for us at Haldin Communication. We have taken important steps to becoming a part of the British indie scene. Our focus is strongly on International projects and we continue to build our network in the global media market. We are very excited about the response that Haldin Communication has received in recent months, especially at the MIP-TV in Cannes in April this year. In recent months we have been working to strengthen our network of freelancers with several key players around the world.

We carefully select each project that we put our stamp on. If we look at our concrete productions, we are happy to inform you that our documentary film Girl Power is ready and will be aired in Autumn 2014 on YLE in Finland. The film represents well the kind of exhilarating projects that we stand for now and in the future.

Meanwhile, we have started a documentary project that is in production at the moment. The film will be ready for distribution in February 2015. It is a road movie that looks at Stockholm and how the city has changed over the past 50 years. The oldest female taxi driver in town (Bettan, 83 years), takes us through the Swedish cultural history in her Mercedes. Again, a project that will touch people´s hearts.

We’re working really hard on new TV formats and most of it is done behind the scenes. Our format My New Country is now ready to be launched internationally and we collaborate with new players in our ambition to make this unique TV-format a success also outside the Nordic region. The second season of My New Country in Swedish is now in production and will be filmed in August, September and October around the world. This series will be ready for delivery in February 2015 and will be aired shortly thereafter.

Over the past year we have had a huge interest in the field of production music. We are working on a project that will provide synergies and increase our long-term success. We have reason to return to many of these topics in later blog posts. Till then, enjoy the Spring.

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We believe in the magic that happens when amateurs and professional media workers meet.